Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Things I want to do

  • Migrate from paper napkins to cloth napkins
    • at this stage in life, I don't need fancy cute matching ones- Ross or thrift store will be fine, but need to buy them in order to migrate :)
  • Minimize use of paper towels- use kitchen rage instead
    • Many options for this- I have a pattern for knitting my own, you can buy pre-made ones, or you can get color coded ones for levels of "contamination"
    • Already moving towards this with my use of my e-cloths
  • Migrate from chemical cleaners to natural home cleaners- vinegar, baking soda, lemon etc - Haven't started yet
    • Need some spray bottles, recipes, to make the mixes, and to USE THEM
    • Need to dilute my simple green and store the other easy to reach cleaners farther back and make an effort to use my natural ones instead!
  • Change over from chemical based laundry detergent - DONE
    • Using soap nuts successfully!
  • Change over from chemical based dishwasher detergent - DONE
    • Tried Biokleen and now Trader Joes brand with white vinegar as a rinse aid
  • Change over from chemical based soaps and shampoo and conditioner - DONE
    • ACV and baking soda and organic soap, tea tree face wash
  • Use a more natural and environmentally friendly dish soap
    • need to pick one and buy it :)
  • Eliminate grains from my diet -  DONE
    • this one I do pretty good at
  • Moderate potato consumption -  DONE
  • Minimize sugar consumption- eliminate refined sugar consumption - In progress
    • Honey and a little maple syrup along with dairy are my highest sweeteners
    • Refined sugar hides in SO many things- even those bought at my healthy food store. But I try to really keep an eye out and keep treats to a rare occasion!
  • Grow some stuff! In progress
    • Started with succulents- thought those would be good- native- right? Tried some cuttings, some purchased, some given. Some are ok, others died, none are amazingly great or growing like crazy.
    • I really want a vegetable garden someday. Generally planting in the earth is "easier" than container gardening, yet most successful vegetable gardens use raised planters- big containers. I have researched and read and the consensus seems to be that experience teaches you best about gardening. 
    • Still want to try self watering planters
    • I think I'd do better with water every day or every couple days than don't water or water once a week or once a month plants- I am not sure if I am over or under watering- some looks crisped
    • Saw succulent cuttings (and other little plants) sprout roots by sitting in a glass of water- want to try this more as I think having roots out is always a better start than sticking a stem in the ground hoping it will grow roots!
  • Use natural toothpaste -  DONE  
    • another way to get rid of chemicals and refined sugars!
  • Use aluminum free deodorant -  DONE
  • Try and get all organic animal products -  DONE
    • Still need to communicate more with my farmers market folks- not sure what the chickens making my eggs eat, and that matters to me
  • Try and eat only grass fed organic dairy  DONE
    • Pretty close! Butter and milk and cheese are pretty much done, no luck with cottage cheese so far
  • Buy organic produce from the dirty-dozen list! - NEED TO WORK ON
    • Found out some of our farmer's market stands actually use pesticides! EEK! Yay locally grown, but gotta pass on those stalls. You don't have to be organically certified to practice organically. 
  • Not have dessert every time I eat out! NEED TO WORK ON
    • This is a trained behavior! trying to teach myself that tea is a delicious and satisfying replacement
  • Eat outside with no movies or TV- chat and enjoy my food - In progress!
  • Get plenty of sleep - DONE
    • this has never been too hard for me :)
  • Swim! - In Progress
    • At about once a week for now
  • Yoga- at least twice a week - In progress
    • Attending my class regularly, and it is a harder class so I am usually so sore a couple days later I have to spend some time doing yoga and stretching out
  • Art Journaling! - In Progress
    • Got some supplies out and started/finished a few pieces! Feels great
  • Scan finished artwork
    • need to do that :)
  • Knit! - Well in progress
    • Completed several projects, having a blast
  • Organize and USE found object art supplies!!!  NEED TO WORK ON
    • When it cools down I still need to redistribute my supplies after I packed them all up for my altered dolls class 6 months ago- I want to put a bunch back up on the pegboard in the garage. The garage is such an ideal studio space and I need to start USING IT
  • Strength Training -  NEED TO WORK ON
    • Trying pull ups, planks and other basic moves now and then, but not consistently
    • Doing sit ups consistently - thanks yoga!
    • Still taking the stairs a good 10 times a week (4 flights!)
  • Wear shoes that mimic bare feet - DONE
    • mostly my converse, vibrams or flip flops these days!
  • PLAY! - Well in progress!
    • Snorkelled, fishing, walking, exploring, board games, running around with Brutus, frolicking in the pool, etc etc! Hoping to go backpacking soon!
  • Minimize use of single use storage items like ziplock bags- try to use more containers, etc - Well in progress
    • Doing ok on this! Need to be doing better about reusing my zipclock bags by rinsing them and drying them
  • Stand at standing desk at work more -  NEED TO WORK ON
    • Used to do at LEAST an hour a day, now I don't even use it once a week :(
Overall I think I have made some really awesome changes. I have taken a few steps back, but the forward progress is undeniable. I feel so blessed and happy in my life. I still cook lots- still trying plenty of new things!  Life is great, but sometimes it is good to take an inventory of what is left to work on (along with all that you have already started/done to help with the motivation and confidence). 

And as a quick aside- I like all of these:

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Yay Wombat! lots of progress!!!
    I need to do a few of those also. I am not green enough with my cleaning supplies. CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!