Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Primal Freezer

My freezer is stacked high right  now- I will have to take a picture for you- containers full of Primal Chili made with 5lbs of grass-fed beef, Italian meatballs with bison that I made last night, organic hot dogs (going to be good smothered with the chili), farm-fresh pork belly slices, tenderloin, ground pork (to be used for Scotch Eggs), beef sirloin, Costco premium steaks, nuts, veggies, and more.

I am loving all the recipes available through the Primal/Paleo community- PaleoDigest does a good job collecting all new posts for me to browse. Because they are all on websites, I can also browse the comments for useful notes (substitutions, etc).

I am planning on taking plenty of food with my for my 2 12-hour road trips as well as my time spent at the parents'. I have local groceries and plenty of fridge, freezer and kitchen space available, but I can bring some stuff we already made as well. I got two more of the delicious grass-fed organic peppered beef jerky packs from Sprouts, I will bring nut mix and nuts to crack. I will make energy bars and perhaps my grain-free power balls with sweet potato. I plan on making okra chips as well as sweet potato pie with ground wild boar and ground turkey among other things. I shall bring some of the chili and meatballs.

Still haven't done that fitness test! Been busy with wrapping presents and other holiday shenanigans, but I am not giving up! I do a reverse pull up on my new chin-up bar about once a day. I am excited to see what we can do with our pork belly slices, and I used all of our stockpiled bacon grease for the meatballs, so more bacon shall be made MWAHAHA! We picked up a pack of the bulk beef bacon (looks like it is from the deli counter, not packaged by someone else- definitely has a browner look to it- very thick cut).

Things are great!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Had my physical and first farm visit

I wanted to post the results of a bit of my bloodwork from my physical. My parents, among others, have expressed concern about cholestorol due to all the bacon consumption. Their worry stems from flawed conventional wisdom if you agree with the studies (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...)  showing that cholesterol is not connected with heart problems. The high cholesterol you see is the HDL- the healthy one. All other results such as sodium, protein, etc etc looked great.

Last week was not my strongest week. Didn't track food as much, and went to a holiday party where I had several sweets. I suffered quite a sugar crash followed by a strong sugar craving later that night. Luckily I had ordered a box of 10 Lindt 90% chocolate bars to help me cope! :)

We found some ground elk and wild boar at our local sprouts- I am eager to cook with the boar as a friend tells me it is delicious.

I had my first visit to my farm- Rainbow Ranch Farms- on Saturday! It is about an hour away- a beautiful drive. The weather was great. I had misunderstood the ordering and was under the impression that when I ordered the "protein basket", I was only getting ground pork and beef- but to my delight I received several different cuts, including fresh pork belly slices I am so eager to try!!

John cooked with the kabob meat last night- I will have those leftovers for dinner tonight!

I helped muck some stalls- got to pet big pigs and little pigs and a baby calf. I am fascinated by the farm community/lifestyle- such vastly different priorities and day-to-day. Things I take for granted or don't think twice about like a frosty night or several rainy days greatly affect them! And also- loving and caring for these animals, but knowing some will die, and some you will kill to eat!

John told me about a mobile butcher- what an idea! I wonder if that's what they use!

I am eager to go back again and help out as well as try more tasty food. Someday I want to taste milk right out of a cow!

Back on the wagon of little-to-no sugar today- feeling pretty darn good. Really seeing a difference in my body. I would like to try the fitness test and strength training ASAP! I got the chin-up bar in my bedroom doorway, and I often do reverse pull-ups as I pass through.

Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some ideas

In reading through the many awesome Paleo/Primal blogs out there, I am inspired. I get ideas and ambition and excitement, even about things I used to cringe at like cooking (I am clumsy, literal, and impatient. I cannot season to taste, cook by intuition, nor draw from common sense about what goes good with what. I can make recipes and sometimes disasters.  Burns and cuts are common. But at least I am trying! :D)

Lunches tend to be salad with deli meat and 1/2 avacado and a boiled egg interspersed with leftovers. I saw this and it sounds like an excellent addition:

"Pick one day a week to roast a bunch of veggies. In less than two hours, you can clean, cut, and roast enough veggies for weekly lunches. it makes life a whole lot easier, reduces waste from raw veggies gone bad, and makes paleo lunches a no-brainer."

Also I found something that might satisfy my ice cream cravings in a much healthier way- thanks to Free the Animal - it's called yonanas *snicker

Still trying to find the best way to store produce and particularly mixed greens/spinach in my fridge and keep it fresh and crispy. Curious about something like this produce saver set.

I am spending plenty on shopping and need to take it easy until tax return time, but these will be on my mind, along with a food processor! I found the ultimate one I want but it is no longer made :((( The newer version of it has a partially clear handle that gathers nasty looking food particles that turn black. *sniffle

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, December 5, 2011

A thought on sweets

After indulging my sweet tooth on a farmer's market Medjool date, it occurs to me that I used to crave and love to eat rich sweet desserts- particularly the sugary kind with bits of hardened sugar covered in cooked sugar sauce (dulce de leche, caramel, toffee, etc)

These days, while I do have the occasional slice of cheese cake avoiding the crust, it comes with the knowledge that I am truly treating myself, that it is the only treat I will get for that day, or even a couple- it's like buying something expensive. I wanted it and it was worth it, but I feel the void in my wallet afterward.

These days I consider a date a delicious treat, equally as pleasing to my sweet tooth as cheesecake but with less of a sense of loss. I get more nutritional value from that date with equal reward, so I feel better eating it. It isn't going to mean that I really shouldn't have a couple squares of dark chocolate or a drizzle of honey on my greek yogurt with nuts and berries. It doesn't cost me as much.

I just remember the time when I would have scoffed at a date if offered ice cream instead, and these days I will truly consider, and perhaps even choose the date instead. :)


Mark Sisson has been posting a GREAT series breaking down the logic behind living primal. He even discusses his awesome Carb Curve (all rights of this to Mark Sisson)

We have been living in the maintain body comp area, though striving towards the lower end of it. On average I am probably at around 90 carbs a day.

Yesterday we did a 5 mile hike with some primal friends, and I have to say good company can really make anything so much more enjoyable. I look forward to camping, hiking, perhaps backpacking, beach romping, snorkeling, and anything else I can do with these active, healthy, excellent friends.

I am getting braver with cooking and we tend to dedicate at least one day a week to doing several recipes which will be eaten throughout the week. I have been making egg-based breakfasts with a side of meat and veggies included. Recently I made these frittatas which came out delicious- especially with the goat cheese. We tried another home-made sausage recipe and substituted bison for ground beef, and they too came out wonderfully.

Life is good! Hope all is well for all of my readers too :D

Here is my fitday average breakdown to show that fat is truly the body's preferred fuel source

Friday, December 2, 2011

Egg-zellent info

We eat 18 eggs a week EASILY!
I usually eat some kind of eggy scramble thing that I made that weekend with veggies and meat in it and a hard boiled egg a day. Then we use them for all of our recipes.

Here are some reasons I feel great getting farmer's market eggs: (credit to

12 lbs in 45 days, and survived the Holidays!

So I went home for Thanksgiving with some Primal recipes in mind, and had a wonderful time! I certainly took advantage of my 20% (slivers of pumpkin pie and nibbles of dinner rolls, etc), but overall I think I did great. I had some headache and nausea which I think was due to a combination of altitude, much more sugar than my body has been accustomed to the last month, and hormones. It is very effective to feel your body tell you that it doesn't like sugar so clearly with fatigue and not feeling well. I went on a really nice long walk, and did plenty of walking in airports. I hiked up a hill to a landmark in my home town to take pictures, and survived the cold weather I am no long acclimated to.

I slept great, had plenty of energy, and even was asked to bake a batch of my Primal Energy Bars to leave at home.

I requested an organic turkey, and our bird was absolutely delicious. We stuffed it with some fruit and nut primal stuffing. The recipe made way too much for our turkey so we used to rest in a grass-fed beef meatloaf a couple days later.

I had some locally raised and freshly ground bison in a burger at my family favorite restaurant Harry's Road House, and liked it so much we promptly bought some bison meat once home. I think we might use some in a chicken/beef sausage recipe instead of the beef.

On 12/10/12 I get to go to the farm for my first pickup of grass-fed farm grown beef and ground pork, and I already have recipes in mind!

I went and had my annual physical with my doctor- I await the blood test results eagerly. I have lost 12 lbs in 45 days, and I am feeling great. I have a hike with some paleo friends scheduled for Sunday, and a day of cooking new Primal recipes tomorrow. Life is good!