Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Had my physical and first farm visit

I wanted to post the results of a bit of my bloodwork from my physical. My parents, among others, have expressed concern about cholestorol due to all the bacon consumption. Their worry stems from flawed conventional wisdom if you agree with the studies (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...)  showing that cholesterol is not connected with heart problems. The high cholesterol you see is the HDL- the healthy one. All other results such as sodium, protein, etc etc looked great.

Last week was not my strongest week. Didn't track food as much, and went to a holiday party where I had several sweets. I suffered quite a sugar crash followed by a strong sugar craving later that night. Luckily I had ordered a box of 10 Lindt 90% chocolate bars to help me cope! :)

We found some ground elk and wild boar at our local sprouts- I am eager to cook with the boar as a friend tells me it is delicious.

I had my first visit to my farm- Rainbow Ranch Farms- on Saturday! It is about an hour away- a beautiful drive. The weather was great. I had misunderstood the ordering and was under the impression that when I ordered the "protein basket", I was only getting ground pork and beef- but to my delight I received several different cuts, including fresh pork belly slices I am so eager to try!!

John cooked with the kabob meat last night- I will have those leftovers for dinner tonight!

I helped muck some stalls- got to pet big pigs and little pigs and a baby calf. I am fascinated by the farm community/lifestyle- such vastly different priorities and day-to-day. Things I take for granted or don't think twice about like a frosty night or several rainy days greatly affect them! And also- loving and caring for these animals, but knowing some will die, and some you will kill to eat!

John told me about a mobile butcher- what an idea! I wonder if that's what they use!

I am eager to go back again and help out as well as try more tasty food. Someday I want to taste milk right out of a cow!

Back on the wagon of little-to-no sugar today- feeling pretty darn good. Really seeing a difference in my body. I would like to try the fitness test and strength training ASAP! I got the chin-up bar in my bedroom doorway, and I often do reverse pull-ups as I pass through.

Happy Tuesday!

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