Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Primal Freezer

My freezer is stacked high right  now- I will have to take a picture for you- containers full of Primal Chili made with 5lbs of grass-fed beef, Italian meatballs with bison that I made last night, organic hot dogs (going to be good smothered with the chili), farm-fresh pork belly slices, tenderloin, ground pork (to be used for Scotch Eggs), beef sirloin, Costco premium steaks, nuts, veggies, and more.

I am loving all the recipes available through the Primal/Paleo community- PaleoDigest does a good job collecting all new posts for me to browse. Because they are all on websites, I can also browse the comments for useful notes (substitutions, etc).

I am planning on taking plenty of food with my for my 2 12-hour road trips as well as my time spent at the parents'. I have local groceries and plenty of fridge, freezer and kitchen space available, but I can bring some stuff we already made as well. I got two more of the delicious grass-fed organic peppered beef jerky packs from Sprouts, I will bring nut mix and nuts to crack. I will make energy bars and perhaps my grain-free power balls with sweet potato. I plan on making okra chips as well as sweet potato pie with ground wild boar and ground turkey among other things. I shall bring some of the chili and meatballs.

Still haven't done that fitness test! Been busy with wrapping presents and other holiday shenanigans, but I am not giving up! I do a reverse pull up on my new chin-up bar about once a day. I am excited to see what we can do with our pork belly slices, and I used all of our stockpiled bacon grease for the meatballs, so more bacon shall be made MWAHAHA! We picked up a pack of the bulk beef bacon (looks like it is from the deli counter, not packaged by someone else- definitely has a browner look to it- very thick cut).

Things are great!

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