Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some ideas

In reading through the many awesome Paleo/Primal blogs out there, I am inspired. I get ideas and ambition and excitement, even about things I used to cringe at like cooking (I am clumsy, literal, and impatient. I cannot season to taste, cook by intuition, nor draw from common sense about what goes good with what. I can make recipes and sometimes disasters.  Burns and cuts are common. But at least I am trying! :D)

Lunches tend to be salad with deli meat and 1/2 avacado and a boiled egg interspersed with leftovers. I saw this and it sounds like an excellent addition:

"Pick one day a week to roast a bunch of veggies. In less than two hours, you can clean, cut, and roast enough veggies for weekly lunches. it makes life a whole lot easier, reduces waste from raw veggies gone bad, and makes paleo lunches a no-brainer."

Also I found something that might satisfy my ice cream cravings in a much healthier way- thanks to Free the Animal - it's called yonanas *snicker

Still trying to find the best way to store produce and particularly mixed greens/spinach in my fridge and keep it fresh and crispy. Curious about something like this produce saver set.

I am spending plenty on shopping and need to take it easy until tax return time, but these will be on my mind, along with a food processor! I found the ultimate one I want but it is no longer made :((( The newer version of it has a partially clear handle that gathers nasty looking food particles that turn black. *sniffle

Happy Tuesday!

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