Monday, December 5, 2011

A thought on sweets

After indulging my sweet tooth on a farmer's market Medjool date, it occurs to me that I used to crave and love to eat rich sweet desserts- particularly the sugary kind with bits of hardened sugar covered in cooked sugar sauce (dulce de leche, caramel, toffee, etc)

These days, while I do have the occasional slice of cheese cake avoiding the crust, it comes with the knowledge that I am truly treating myself, that it is the only treat I will get for that day, or even a couple- it's like buying something expensive. I wanted it and it was worth it, but I feel the void in my wallet afterward.

These days I consider a date a delicious treat, equally as pleasing to my sweet tooth as cheesecake but with less of a sense of loss. I get more nutritional value from that date with equal reward, so I feel better eating it. It isn't going to mean that I really shouldn't have a couple squares of dark chocolate or a drizzle of honey on my greek yogurt with nuts and berries. It doesn't cost me as much.

I just remember the time when I would have scoffed at a date if offered ice cream instead, and these days I will truly consider, and perhaps even choose the date instead. :)

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