Monday, December 5, 2011


Mark Sisson has been posting a GREAT series breaking down the logic behind living primal. He even discusses his awesome Carb Curve (all rights of this to Mark Sisson)

We have been living in the maintain body comp area, though striving towards the lower end of it. On average I am probably at around 90 carbs a day.

Yesterday we did a 5 mile hike with some primal friends, and I have to say good company can really make anything so much more enjoyable. I look forward to camping, hiking, perhaps backpacking, beach romping, snorkeling, and anything else I can do with these active, healthy, excellent friends.

I am getting braver with cooking and we tend to dedicate at least one day a week to doing several recipes which will be eaten throughout the week. I have been making egg-based breakfasts with a side of meat and veggies included. Recently I made these frittatas which came out delicious- especially with the goat cheese. We tried another home-made sausage recipe and substituted bison for ground beef, and they too came out wonderfully.

Life is good! Hope all is well for all of my readers too :D

Here is my fitday average breakdown to show that fat is truly the body's preferred fuel source

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