Friday, December 2, 2011

12 lbs in 45 days, and survived the Holidays!

So I went home for Thanksgiving with some Primal recipes in mind, and had a wonderful time! I certainly took advantage of my 20% (slivers of pumpkin pie and nibbles of dinner rolls, etc), but overall I think I did great. I had some headache and nausea which I think was due to a combination of altitude, much more sugar than my body has been accustomed to the last month, and hormones. It is very effective to feel your body tell you that it doesn't like sugar so clearly with fatigue and not feeling well. I went on a really nice long walk, and did plenty of walking in airports. I hiked up a hill to a landmark in my home town to take pictures, and survived the cold weather I am no long acclimated to.

I slept great, had plenty of energy, and even was asked to bake a batch of my Primal Energy Bars to leave at home.

I requested an organic turkey, and our bird was absolutely delicious. We stuffed it with some fruit and nut primal stuffing. The recipe made way too much for our turkey so we used to rest in a grass-fed beef meatloaf a couple days later.

I had some locally raised and freshly ground bison in a burger at my family favorite restaurant Harry's Road House, and liked it so much we promptly bought some bison meat once home. I think we might use some in a chicken/beef sausage recipe instead of the beef.

On 12/10/12 I get to go to the farm for my first pickup of grass-fed farm grown beef and ground pork, and I already have recipes in mind!

I went and had my annual physical with my doctor- I await the blood test results eagerly. I have lost 12 lbs in 45 days, and I am feeling great. I have a hike with some paleo friends scheduled for Sunday, and a day of cooking new Primal recipes tomorrow. Life is good!


  1. 12 pounds in 45 days is great! Congratulations!

  2. ^ Thanks Jim! I feel great- I am not sure I will lose much more, but I am eager to see the results of my bloodwork and eventually get my BMI calculated as well. All the best to you!