Friday, January 20, 2012

Checking in

Been a while since I posted an update!!

All is well! I FINALLY took my strength training assessment per MDA Fitness E-Book and now have done two strength training sessions- wall pushups, wall squats, elevated jacknife presses, feet/forearm plank and chair assisted pull ups!

My yoga teacher also indicated that the next 6 week session would be kicking it up a notch in difficulty, and I am psyched about that!! It is hatha yoga, but she always spices it up, and if you think hatha is the easiest, think again! Reps and continuous movement are one thing, but holding a pose like warrior or even a squat make my muscles tremble every class!

Cooking is going well- I continue to experiment and learn :) I tried two brownie recipes yesterday for a birthday celebration potluck next week- one was a blondie recipe, and the other was a Cooks Illustrated style compilation recipe. The blondies came out GREAT but the dark one was overcooked and very dense and sticky and just not right. Perhaps I will try again with an egg or two another time, but the blondies will be going with me to the potluck!

As I write I am nomming on my "cluck moo (whatever sound a buffalo makes cause we use bison instead of beef)" sausages and my spinach and brie fritatta (in muffin shape) that I make in bulk and freeze for breakfasts.

After indulging in farmer's market berries weekly, we have gotten a couple grocery store berries and they just absolutely pale in comparison. Claremont FM has 3 berry boxes (the standard little size) for $11-$13 - we usually get blue, black, and rasberries, and sometimes they have golden raspberries.(have you ever typed or written raspberries? There is a p in it! Crazy!)

I am excited to try some new soup recipes- if they come out well they will be great freezer staples. They are all vegetable based- butternut squash, butternut, sweet potato and carrot, and broccoli are the recipes I got.

I finally have so many recipes printed out, especially that I have tried and liked that I am going to put together a binder with dividers and slipcovers to make the pages spill proof!

No 'Poo update! Still going strong. While my hair is wet, the vinegar odor lingers mildly, but once dry it seems to go away. Volume and fullness are great- it looks and smells clean. I am quite pleased. I can tell I am still in the adjustment period because sometimes my hair looks 3-days-dirty after 1 day. Soon I will transition to baking soda and vinegar every other shower, then every third, then once a week.

I am using my boars' hair brush and I am absolutely shedding less, which is great! I also got some organic soap and some Jason's toothpaste from Sprouts. John insists I should use alumninum-free deodorant, so that is next on the list as well. I still use my Mary Kay face wash, but I did get a natural fiber face brush and a natural sponge loofa for scrubbing :)

So all is well- feeling blessed, healthy, and happy. Loving life, loving food, and loving my body, mind, and spirit. Wishing the same to all my loved ones and readers!

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