Monday, February 27, 2012

Checking in :)

Haven't posted in a while, but all is well!

John and I have both allowed ourselves a more lenient program- we eat at restaurants, have the occasional desert, and are allowing more fruit into our diets (especially with our new dehydrator!) We continue to eat dairy and too many servings of nuts and nut products every day, but we also eat great quality meat, lots of veggies, and overall continue to feel great. We both gained back a few pounds, and know that for definition we need strength training and for more weight loss we need better and more slow and steady exercise as well as less treats, nuts, and dairy.

The key is that we are happy! We like to cook, like to shop for food and like to eat. We go to the farmer's market and Sprouts almost exclusively, with the occasional binge of meat at Rainbow Ranch Farm or supplements from Costco.

I have broken out the crock pot and made both beef strew and pork butt roast. I have made green chile sauce pork chops on the stove, and we totally under-cooked our long sought after bone-in-skin-on turkey breast (though our gracious guest ate her pan finished slices of breast meat most politely and forgave us!)

I continue to sleep better, get up earlier, and have more consistent energy throughout the day. I do my yoga, work on my spiritual health, and strive to be a better me. I treasure my support system, I treasure my home, and I treasure my body. I am moving along, getting humbled and joyous and scared and grateful, learning and growing and stretching my comfort zone.

I am going on a little vacation this weekend for an art retreat- 24 hours of me-time in the car listening to books and meditating and relaxing (with stops to stretch and much primal snacking! :D)

I am looking forward to my future and reminding myself to stay present and appreciate NOW

My freezer is packed with meat and veggies, my pantry is bare with necessities and no ready-snacks that I eat when I am not hungry.

Hoping life is blessed and healthy for all my readers, and sending you a big HAPPY MONDAY! :)

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