Friday, March 9, 2012

Cooking Adventures!

Thought it was about time to check in again!

Taking advantage of my active friends to work in walks, hikes, and camping trips! I have only brought a few people on my Mt Baldy Hike, and I look forward to the opportunity to introduce new people to it. Perhaps my hike-a-holic brother will want to go when he visits later this month!

Last night I made a 4lb meat loaf! It was so big with all the fixings, I could barely fit it in my mixing bowl. Hence I forgot to add eggs :P So it didn't hold together as well as it could of, yet it was quite scrumtious. I covered it with bacon and emptied the precious grease twice while cooking to make sure it finished, yet the loaf remained moist and tasty.

I also made my second attempt at my tasty orange soup. Unfortunately "1 butternut squash and 1 sweet potato" are not the most specific, and my ratio was off and it was way too carroty, but I read that salt and some oil (cream or butter) could counteract the sugary carrots. I added some cream and salt, and though better, it still wasn't quite right. I also read you could add a little white vinegar, but I added too much. I then researched counteracting the vinegar taste. I added a box of organic butternut squash soup to help, and a bit of baking soda. Though better, it was still a bit off, but after some more cinnamon and nutmeg and corrainder and a dash more cream, we got it pretty good. Unfortunately, the first time I made this soup, it was incredible so there were high expectations :)

I also made a bacon crusted quiche! I made my cheesy bacon caulifolower, but used frozen cauliflower and it caused it to come out liquidy and mushy, though not too shabby when reheated. We had tried to blanch and freeze a bunch of farmer's market veggies, and I am learning which worked well and which didn't and how to cook with them - mostly pan fry or steam. For asparagus, blanching and freezing seems to have gone terribly- roasted or pan fried the come out shriveled and limp (and I didn't trim them first).

I also made a turkey pot pie soup that was quite good! I LOOOVE chicken/turkey pot pie, so this really hit the spot.

I look forward to some more green tea mouse and other treats. We may be making sweet potato pancakes or banana bread french toast this weekend OoOooO!

Anyhow, just wanted to talk about food for a bit :)

I tried my first duck breast which was so tender and moist. It was truly excellent. I also ordered some new teas- I am really into tea right now. I am getting another tea strainer and liking loose leaf tea. I mostly like black tea and herbal warm spice dessert teas. My favorite continues to be Tazo Focus - black tea, yerba mate, cocoa, and orage MMMM.

I am so grateful today- so happy for this beautiful place I live, for getting to drive through the desert and experience the crisp cold of Taos spring air and a warm bed at night. For the ease that general-lack-of-weather most of us Californians enjoy (no scraping windshields or shoveling snow). For the grass to walk and sit on, and the nuts I have to crack. For the animals who snuggle me and my loving support system. For my happy hands to type and eyes to read, for the paleosphere and the interenet and blogs that let me find and share and gather recipes and info and ideas. :) Happy Friday all!!

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