Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New shoooes

Happy Tuesday, Happy Spring, Happiness and peace to you :)

Went on another Mt Baldy hike- went barefoot from the altar where I drop my kisses to Brutus' Lookout. Made it all the way up to Bear Flats! We saw a giant lizard- had to be a good 10 inches long. Brutus drank some snow melt water that I figured would be fine and was sick the whole next day :( Won't do that again.

There is a little clearing in a wooded area before you break out into the meadow of Bear Flats where a big tree is surrounded by cleared ground. The tree seems to umbrella the whole place making it feel like a natural sanctuary. Definitely somewhere that would be great for more visiting and perhaps some photos! Here are some photos from other folks of this hike

view from Brutus' Lookout

This is the tree and clearing I was talking about

Made it to Bear Flats! :)

Anyway, on to my new shoooes! I got the Merrell Barefoot Serene Glove- when I first ordered a pair, they seemed too big- my feet slid around a bit, and for such a minimalist shoe, it didn't seem right to be extra roomy. I was nervous about blisters from the friction of my foot moving so much within the shoe. I got 1/2 size down, and my toes bump the front of the shoe when I walk. When I stand they gently touch it, if I kick my heels to the back of the shoe they don't. When I do my standard walk, it feels like I am stomping horribly and mashing my toes on the front uncomfortably, but I have read that when you try barefoot shoes you pay more attention and even adjust the way you walk. The stomping hurts my whole foot! So I am trying to walk more gingerly and carefully and as long as I do, I think they will be fine. I know I need to work up to them, not wear them all day every day right away or I will be quite sore and uncomfortable. Walking in minimalist shoes or barefoot works different and less-used muscles in your feet. I have been rolling a baseball under my feet at work to help stretch those muscles and felt sore afterwards, so I know I've warmed up a little. 

I wanted some flats- feminine shoes for girly jeans and cute tops that don't have some bow on them (harder than it sounds to find, especially in my large size). I wanted barefoot shoes, and I found a perfect blend of the two. There is even an optional ankle ribbon that makes them look extra girly that I wear under my jeans for now just to keep them held up and secure. They are very flexible and there is tread on the bottom. I will continue to report back on them :)

Not my feet, but pretty similar :)

No shampoo continues to go great. I am definitely down to using baking soda and vinegar about 3 times a week and just hot water and a good scrub with my fingers the rest of the time. I don't use any product, but I do blowdry my hair sometimes, as I got a new haircut :) I continue to use organic soap as well, and a tea tree oil Trader Joes face wash.

So I had great success with my roast beef coming out pink all the way through on the first try and it tastes great hot, cold, and even after freezing. I am having a party Sunday and have a big menu planned! Tonight is my first try at beef ribs in the oven!

 Life is good and I am very grateful for my many blessings, this Earth, my loving support system, my health, my happiness, and so much more. 

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