Friday, June 1, 2012

Garden Inspirations!

I need to snap a photo, but currently we have blue LED xmas lights, 1 Torbay Dazzler, 1 aloe vera (in an ugly black pot that needs to be transplanted!) 2 hanging baskets that aren't hanging yet because the succulent cuttings in them are still pretty delicate, and a fake ficus tree to decorate my patio. There are also 2 fake red flower plant things, but they are faded and will come down soon. On our trip to Texas I visiting an antique mini-mall (it was like heaven- junk and strange things and knick-knacks everywhere- the closest thing to this I have found in CA is flea markets, and they are much more expensive, as people out here eat that stuff up like I do for art :)) and I got a couple things- a glass terrarium, a green glass sphere hung in fish netting, and a couple other artsy things for my assemblage work. John already hung the green sphere, and I have yet to decide what I shall put in the terrarium!

I am trying to think of fun and unique things to plant succulents in- came across this :)
Maybe planting some in bigger shells :)

Plant them in little jars which can be hung at different heights

Glass bowls/candy dishes/fish bowls (easy to find and goodwill/etc)
I don't like giant visible macrame planters- I like the hanging part to be more subtle- like floating plants.

Here is a great Ikea Hackers where she lined a bath organizer with felt to make a planter!

Here is a gorgeous plant mister for watering your delicate littler terrariums and air plants (for $12!)
I also want a totally awesome and unique bird feeder.

I am sure what my next step is before I go shopping for all these things though- I have a terrarium to plant in, and transplanting to do (though no spade...)
Next I need to go through all of my art stuff and see if I want to construct planters and garden deco with them! I dunno if moisture/sun would ruin them (or if in the time it took to do so I would care) but I have wine and cigar boxes I could line, plant in, and hang!! 
(bring it on)

In fact if I am careful enough, I could staple wire mesh and grow my vertical succulent gardens in these. I wonder f I should try to line them with black plastic or varnish them/treat them with something?

Found this tip: "For outdoor use, you're pretty much good to go with a raw box with holes drilled in the bottom. If the case will be used indoors, it should be sealed with caulk to prevent leaking. A non-toxic sealer can be applied to the inside of the box to prevent the wood from falling apart."

Looks like you line the inside with heavy plastic (must account for drainage or put a rock layer at the bottom like a green roof) and coat the outside with a clear sealant to help it last longer. Some people used liquid rubber or fancy boat varnish- I think these are such low quality boxes in the first place, for my first few tries I can go with the cheap stuff :) I saw a recommendation for adding some little L brackets to the corners for added support- s0unds like a good plan!. This is a good instructable-like-thing I will likely follow. I even have some crappy heavy duty plastic that is falling apart in places and would love to be recycled into planter liners :)

I have other random things I can plant things in to :) I will hunt around my stuff and take some photos :)


  1. There are TONS of antique minimalls in SoCal, you just have to know which cities to look in - Orange has a few in Old Town for example, though they ay be on the pricy side of things. I have been checking out succulents recently wanting to make a little succulent garden -- I will have to bend your ear on this issue when we hang out!! :)
    <3 Erin

  2. That wall greenhouse is beautiful! Small and minimal. Love it.

    1. Yay thanks! I am excited to pick some stuff to put in it!! I hope I wouldn't bake succulents in it if the lid is open- we will have to see! It might be a good choice for a desert-y air plant terrarium for inside since with the lid Batman can't get in it (saying this is like offering a challenge to him though... :)