Friday, June 1, 2012

Just Checking In!

Been a while since I updated this! Things are going pretty good! Still cooking away, experimenting! Still loving the no shampoo, and I even flew with my ziplock bag of baking soda and small glass bottle of apple cider vinegar, which their names and uses written on them, as they look a bit like cocaine and a clean urine sample :P

Had too much refined sugar on vacation and craved it for days afterward. Having trouble not getting desserts at restaurants/parties, and even at home having issues with having second helpings of dessert- just really struggle to say no to myself- to do anything in moderation. I am definitely better at abstinence rather than moderation, but abstinence from sugar and sweets is a massive challenge for me.

Still cooking up egg muffins- recently with no meat and kale instead of spinach, accompanied by breakfast sausages- recently a sweet Italian sausage that was on manager's special sale from Sprouts :) Made another batch of pumpkin leather- definitely need to use coconut oil to lubricate the trays and not olive oil just because it is in a convenient spray can. I even have pecan oil in a spray can I could have used instead, but the EVOO left a bitter taste on some of the leather :(

Still devouring pears and apples and strawberries from the dehydrator- these are sweet snack items for me, rarely eaten because I am hungry, and much more often eaten because they are so easy, accessible, and chewy delicious. Also we are officially spoiled rotten by farmer's market fruits- grocery store and even organic grocery store pears and berries taste flavorless and bland and grimy to us now :/

I have made some crockpot Barbacoa - it came out too tomato-y and a little flat though- will try a different recipe next time. Made some pulled chicken that was very easy and would have been fabulous but the recipe makes them massively oversalted- surely they must have meant Tsp instead of Tbsp for the salt *shrug

I made some pan seared porkchops that were so fabulous, cheap, and easy as can be! Definitely going to be making those again!!! Also made some pan seared salmon filets that I was careful not to overcook and they came out so delicate and moist and tender- I think I have definitely overdone salmon in the past!

Still using harsh chemicals for mopping and using simple green and real dishsoap, so cleaning supplies have yet to be converted to Earth-friendly, but still working on changing out gum to natural choices, eating all organic animal products and many locally grown/farmer's market produce items.

Still making beef jerky which was excellent for our trip to Texas. Getting grass-fed milk (organic valley), butter (kerrygold) and cheese (dubliner or TJ's new zealand sharp cheddar), and treating ourselves to full-fat Greek yogurt and coconut ice cream sweetened without refined sugars as well. :)

Despite the carbs, we do delight on dried goji berries and some potatoes as well, but each of us has continued relatively steady with our energy levels, appetite, happiness, gut-health, and weight. John continues to slowly drop weight, and I gained back to about 150 which my body and I are quite pleased with- less bony!

Both John and I have fought a couple sicknesses, that I imagine without our increased health and nutrition would have been much worse- mostly they manifest through fatigue and aches as opposed to lots of congestion.

I have been working to make yoga a better habit having missed several weeks here and there regularly. I am walking longer and taking the stairs often. I have also been doing some tracking on which I am very much enjoying- much more free form and personal goal oriented as opposed to regimented carb counting.

Work and home life are pretty steady, stable, and extremely blessed and satisfying. Spiritually I continue on my journey, struggling and growing, constantly seeking balance- sometimes trying harder than other times :)
Physically I haven't been doing much strength training, but I do feel continued improvement in my flexibility and enjoyment of yoga, as well as my ability to meditate and be still and present. A good friend of mine started cross-fit and is a huge inspiration to me. Her dedication and endurance are mindblowing, and she is getting the results to support her efforts! I plan to buy the $100 membership for summer access to the pool so that I can back to swimming at least once a week :)

I have finished South, Earnst Shackleton's Last Expedition and am now on to Robinson Crusoe for my audio books. Next I have Swiss Family Robinson and the Dhammapada translated by a recommended author.  (wow spelled that right on first try!)

Still VERY excited about GARDENING!!! Our succulent cuttings are trying to live- as it is getting hotter, we may move them back into partial shade until they are more rooted. I purchased a mixed pot with medium yellow flowers, tiny yellow flowers and some ivy as well as a cute little pot of aeonium to go by the front door. Yesterday I picked up a little buganvilia as well- always loved those! We have yet to transplant our Torbay Dazzler or aloe very, but pots are purchased and so is extra soil. I even picked up a strawberry pot I hope to put farmer's market succulent cuttings in!
(Torbaz Dazzler- not mine)
I like to think about all the ways I can grow things and hang them and love them and make are of them. I am not really ready to grow things to eat, or even grow much more than basics that are very hardy, so for now I can gather inspirational ideas and photos. To take advantage of the vertical space of my patio, I eagerly research plant hanging ideas. (see next post!)

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