Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pictures of garden

Here are some results! Going to add some gravel to the bottom of the wood box planters to avoid rot. Treated them with a basic waterproofing first (inside and out- should have lined them as this is not really plant friendly stuff, but hey it was my first try, I got excited :P)
John drilled some holes in the bottoms and reinforced them with brackets.

aeoniums looking a little crispy but I know my temptation to water them is likely only going to hurt them... 

burrows tail, cuttings, and agave hanging, succulent boxes, buganvalia and torbay dazzler (not pictured, further on the right) on the railing!

boxes treated and reinforced, drilled for drainage and planted! Need to go back in and add a gravel layer

I can take an updated photo and a night photo, but the succulent furthest on the left is already blooming little purple flowers!! The brackets on the bottom are for if we decide to hang these planters!!

 antique mini mall score :)
for a tea light, but I like it better as a planter :D

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