Monday, November 14, 2011

Cravings, mistakes, sickness, etc

Well it's been an interesting week! I got a pretty strong cold that took me out for a few days. I slept a lot, drank lots of tea, and craved quick, easy, preferably boxed or packaged meals. Not having any in the house, I found myself eating snacks too much- sweet trail mix (primal, home made, but meant as a treat, not a staple), beef jerky, etc. rather than good healthy meals. I craved sugar and comfort. I even convinced my beau to go with me to get some gelato. He had tummy issues and shame (he only really needed the first couple bites, but finished his whole scoop) where my tummy was fine and I wolfed my two scoops down greedily. We have developed different weaknesses- he drinks glasses of whole milk and eats more yogurt than me, while I want sugar. LOTS OF SUGAR :) He likes the occasional potato, and I want my daily chocolate square, date, honey on my yogurt, anything sweet.

I am finally recovered and was even able to cook yesterday. :) We had lettuce wraps with chicken- they came out a bit salty and a bit too lemony, but a good start. I made primal gingersnaps- mostly almond butter, some spices and some crystallized ginger. Not really worth the $10 of crystallized ginger and the sugar/carbs that go with it, but I wanted to try.

We tried banana pancakes, which were delicious, but required some tweaking. I am going to make more of my sweet trail mix, but work very hard on not eating it daily (I do serve them out into serving size ziplocks, as having it in bulk would be a grave mistake for me :P)

We went to the farmer's market and got some great stuff!! I think I may have confused dates with prunes and we tasted a sample and bought 2lbs of medjool dates, which I later discovered have nearly 20 carbs/sugar EACH! These will be my lunch dessert- just one at a time. They are large and rich and easy to savor.

We got fresh cauliflower for the shepard's pie we are going to make to try our first grass-fed beef, as well as fresh carrots and organic peas. We got green onions and the lemon and green lettuce for the lettuce-wraps. We got dried apricots and walnuts (in the shell, yes please!) for the trail mix. We got a dozen eggs, two apples (apple cardamon breakfast turnover recipe!- I got gala apples), 1 pear for smoky pear bites (pears seasoned with cinnamon, a little salt and paprika with a chunk of bacon on top- so delicious!) We got a zucchini for stir fry, and fresh blackberries and blueberries.

At sprouts we found they have bulk in shell raw nuts for the holiday season for $2.99/lb. Zomg, we bought 3 lbs, but I sent John out for 10 more today- they last well in the freezer and I use them for snacks, trail mix, and I LOVE to crack them! I searched for okra but was unable to locate any- there is an okra recipe I am eager to try- nut crumbs on sliced okra baked in the oven for crunchy delicious bites.

I continue to eat eggs, veggies- mixed greens and usually another veggie with dinner and a salad at lunch, meat- bacon, sausage (home made), chicken, fish etc, and some nuts daily. I have some butter, milk, a little cheese, and some yogurt generally as well. I use bacon fat, olive oil, almond butter, and coconut oil for cooking and baking. We got our cast iron skillet just in time, it is used almost daily.

I find myself yearning for pancakes and cookies and ice creams and making paleo versions- finding what tickles my sweet tooth- my sweet trail mix, dark chocolate, honey on the yogurt, when in reality what I need to focus on is bringing down my sugar consumption to as little as possible. I eliminated sweetener from my tea, put honey on my yogurt perhaps 1 of every 3 servings. I eat some fruit here or there- mostly in cooking. All of this is good. But late at night my tummy- actually my mouth and brain tell me I want more. Pomegranate seeds- little bursts of sweet, nuts, small and crunchy preferred. I keep trying to push tea and carrots instead. It is not an overnight change, I will get there, and I have great support.

I find myself eager to adhere to the "schedule" of recommended Primal exercise Mark laid out in the Primal Fitness E-book, and yet he specifically says how resistant he was to even making a schedule- as everyone is different, and the idea is to change it up, be spontaneous, avoid routine, and keep it fun and exciting. I need to remember that it is ok not to take the stairs when I am just getting over a cold. That it is ok not to strength train twice a week when I am just starting the fitness parts of the primal lifestyle. That if sprints were pretty hard on me- start a little slower- try running up the stairs rather than sprint relays. I am doing this to get away from the nagging- well it is known that to be healthy I have to do this, when was the last time I did this, I ate this so I need to exercise, nag nag nagging at myself. I want to relax and make it a lifestyle, not a regimen.

I am eager to take a walk on Mt Baldy this weekend. I am excited to take the fitness evaluation test to see where I should be starting my strength training (which progressions of squats, push ups, pull ups, etc). I am torn between wanting to count my carbs and just trust myself to follow the guidelines and buy and make good food, make good choices and know that is good enough. If my body isn't responding well, then I can take a closer look (for instance, I almost bought a food scale so I could get the weights of my ingredients to help me get precise counts).

Instead I am keeping an eye on the food I eat regularly that is worst and best for me, and adjusting accordingly.

Anyway, these tend to get so long and rambly, and how do I expect to keep any readers at that rate? :P
Happy Monday!


  1. Ha, yeah dates are SERIOUSLY like candy. SERIOUSLY. I dont understand why people would add MORE sugar to them to make candied dates, but they do.

    I just made this recipe for syrup to help with flu prevention and treatment. If youre interested, it wouldnt hurt to try it with colds too (elderberry apparently has specific action against influenza viruses but it also has a cytokine-mitigating effect which might help with cold symptoms)

    Also I think its pretty normal to be craving sugar a lot at the start. I was going through TONS of fruit my first month. But after awhile of only eating natural fruits, the sweet tooth dropped off a little/it was easier for me to resist sweet urgest.

  2. Thank you for your advice and support- the syrup looks awesome! Where did you get the elderberries?

    Definitely feeling the cravings decline as I consume less sugar, but the more I cave in- eat a date and a paleo ginger snap and have a pomegranite special (1 cup of TJ's organice pom juice is 35 carbs, almost all sugar) it makes the process longer.