Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Diving In

My first step beyond researching was to clean out my pantry. Chips, popcorn, granola bars, cereal, oatmeal, noodles, canned beans and soups, more pasta, flour- all were donated. Next was the freezer- although this has been a slower process- quick and ready to microwave burritos and tamales, fish sticks and mini pizzas. Rice and breaded chicken breasts.

My next step was to identify the food I already know I like that is Primal: meat, fish, chicken, and pork, veggies, veggies and more veggies. Eggs, nuts (thank goodness- I need crunchy things!), berries, cheese, Greek yogurt. Olive oil, honey (extremely moderated, but still necessary!), and tea. Most of all: Bacon.

I then researched recipes and recommendations, found the PB Shopping list and that I can have dark chocolate to help soothe my sweet tooth. I had already transitioned away from coffee, and I am not a regular milk drinker (the consumption of dairy in the PB is flexible- if your body doesn't like it, keep it minimal- I haven't had problems with dairy). I do love milk in my tea, and though I tried half and half instead, I found it way too creamy (plus I like a good solid cup of milk in my tea changing the consistency and temperature). I had already been working on curbing my in-front-of-the-TV desire to snack with grapes and carrots, so now I just try carrots and pomegranates instead. I love raw spinach and mixed greens, so salads are great.

After about 3 weeks now we have really gotten into the transition for our bodies, kitchen, and schedules. I say we in this case because luckily for me, I am not doing this alone. We now consume at least a dozen eggs a week (usually 1 hard boiled a day), plenty of bacon, nuts, and large amounts of salad and greens. We are working on meals that feature other colorful vegetables such as stir fries.

I have found my body feels good- not a massive noticeable difference, but a difference. I feel good, I rest well, and I truly enjoy what I eat. It is satiating, satisfying, and I am not hungry in the same way- instead of the urgent need for something quick and filling, I slowly become appetized for wholesome and quality food.

We try and buy organic animal products, and are looking forward to trying some locally grown grass-fed meat. We get some home grown eggs, and donate our compost/leftovers for the chickens to eat in return. Our fridge is stocked more than our freezer (finally!) and we shop regularly at the deli, the produce, and the meat department. We eat fresh food, mostly prepared at home. The quality of our food is so high we do not need lots of sauce and heavy seasoning to mask the processed taste.

The fitness part of the PB means I park farther away on purpose, take the stairs to the 5th floor where I work daily, take the dog around the block rather than just around the apartment complex, go to my yoga class with vigor and enthusiasm, and try to go hiking weekly if possible. I want to learn to run and jump and go the long way and be flexible and quick and confident on my feet. I want to sprint (but frankly I am scared of falling, so I am going to start on the beach) and work towards push-ups and pull-ups. I want to do planks and lift heavy things and do lunges and strengthening exercises as well. In the PB, there is not need for massive amounts of high intensity workouts- 3-5 hours of 55%-75% heart rate a week, 2 sessions of about 30 minutes of lifting heavy things, and once a week 10 minutes of all out sprinting are the general recommendations.

I am having a blast, finally getting through those sugar cravings, and learning about what I am putting in to my body. What is more expensive- many trips for veggies, or a few runs to fill up the freezer with pre-made meals? And if this way is more pricey, isn't my health and happiness worth it? I am interested in volunteering at the farm I am a member of when I go to pick up meat- mucking stalls and doing other excellent exercise. I need to emphasize going barefoot, being in the sun, relaxing outside rather than on the couch, and getting plenty of rest (I do pretty good at that so far).

I feel blessed and happy, and am thrilled to be trying this new way of living.

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