Friday, November 4, 2011

Quick Summary- what exactly am I doing?

For any readers who aren't familiar with the PB- here is a quick run down of the things I am doing:

  • 1. Eat lots of plants and animals (see food pyramid post)
  • 2. Move frequently at a slow pace (55-75% max heart rate- strive for 3-5 hours a week)
  • 3. Lift Heavy Things (maybe for about 30 mins twice a week)
  • 4. Sprint once in a while (10 mins a week. Run like you are running for your life. Give it your all! Planning on my first session at the beach tomorrow - so that if I fall, the worst consequence will be sand in my mouth :D)
  • 5. Get lots of sleep. (I am good at this - 8-9 hours a night for me!)
  • 6. Play (crawl, roll, jump, climb, giggle- get off your ass and have some fun. Dogs and kids can be good inspiration for this)
  • 7. Get sunlight every day (Already doing better at this by not keeping all of my curtains and blinds closed all the time, but generally try to get it by actually BEING outside - barefoot preferred if possible. I am trying to hike or beach every weekend to get some extended sun and nature time.)
  • 8. Avoid trauma (so important for a clumsy, accident-prone person like me. Be aware of my surroundings. Be smart, but don't avoid all physical obstacles- become adjusted to them! Become agile and develop reflexes (safely) by giving your body some variation! Also no chronic cardio (long sessions of high heart rate exercise)
  • 9. Avoid Poisonous things. (Defining poisonous as something you put in your body that causes death or injury. PB tells us our body does not do well with grains, beans, and potatoes, sugar and all processed foods. Avoid hormones and preservatives. Seek organic, local grown, grass-fed, pastured, etc etc.)
  • 10. Use your mind. (Get stimulated. Get excited, challenged, interested. Learn and expand. Want more!)

Now to elaborate a bit.

1. My breakfasts are tending to be a hard boiled egg, 3 strips of bacon and perhaps a cup of greek yogurt with almonds and blueberries or a slice of my spinach bread (spinach, basil, garlic, and eggs baked into a loaf - first try was way too spinach-y, but going to try again!) Lunches tend to be fresh deli meat with a bit of cheese, avocado, a nice salad with cabbage and carrots, another egg, perhaps some of my home made Primal trail mix, celery with almond butter, etc. For dinner we usually have a tasty meat/veggie combo- think stir fry or steak and salad. No sugar or honey or sweetener in my tea or yogurt- dessert tends to come from a couple squares of 90% dark chocolate or a cranberry special (sparkling water, splash of cranberry juice and a squirt of lime).

2. I take the stairs up to the 5th floor at least once a day, often twice each day I am at work (4 days a week). I park further away and walk. I try to hike or go to the dog park or take a longer outing each weekend. I walk the dog around the block rather than just around the complex a couple times a week. I also do Hatha Yoga once a week for an hour and a half with meditation. This might qualify as a little of play, a little of strength training, and a bit of move frequently at a slow pace.

3. Once a month I do a 15 gallon water change on my tank which involves taking 6 30lb jugs from the car into the house and pouring 3 of them, mixing the salt, and then siphoning that into the tank. I am just now reading more about PB fitness and other fun ways to do this- I want to learn to use my own body to train- push ups, pull ups and planks. I would like do a strength session twice a week. I like Thursdays because I can do it while I telecommute and listen to a webinar for work.

4. I have not completed a sprint session yet because I am scared. I did fall recently, but I do like to run all out occasionally. I trip over my own feet and shoes, and I am not the most coordinated lady, so I look forward to reminding my body how to do this.

5. Like I said, getting lots of sleep has never been an issue for me- I am lucky about that. In bed asleep by or around 11 every night, generally I get up after 7.

6. I do play with Brutus lots- running around the house and whatnot. I consider sex in this category. Still, it is something I want to get more in- I am hoping having some new Primal friends will aid me in getting ideas, inspiration and partners for play. When I go to the dog park, there is lots more room to play with Brutus, but around other dogs he doesn't usually have much interest in playing with me.

7. I haven't made a lot of progress with this other then the usual going from car to building and building to car. I usually walk Brutus after the sun is down.

8. I am constantly working to be more aware of my surroundings. This is hard to list concrete ways I am working on it. I am trying to train myself not to seek out the clearest, easiest, flattest way to get from point A to point B. I want to learn to enjoy obstacles- bending down, stepping way over, going the long way around, swinging on a pole or branch, hopping over, etc etc.

9. Doing great on this- sugar is the last to let go of, but I am staying in the 50-100 average daily carb intake. I feel full, satisfied, I look forward to eating rather than succumb to an urgent desire for food, and I occasionally skip meals entirely.

10. I am definitely doing this through many methods in my life.

That is a quick look at how I am living Primal today :D

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