Thursday, November 3, 2011

What do Primal folks eat?

Mark posted an updated food pyramid! So excited I made it my desktop background :)

Heard back from Rainbow Ranch about volunteering- they have a schedule with openings in December. Placed my first order: 3lbs grass fed ground beef, 3lbs ground pork. Pickup is 10-12 on the first Sat of the month, so I will go get it in December and meet the folks and check out the farm!

I plan on hitting up the Claremont farmer's market on Sunday as well. Today a nice swim is on the agenda. Still scared to full out sprint on anything but grass or sand, so I think I'll wait for the beach for that. Going to get some weights from John, and I have my 30lb water jugs for my fish tank for strength training. Really excited to get into the fitness- learn way to use my body as my own resistance (ie push ups, pull ups, plank etc)

Happy Thursday!

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